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We are building a community⁣ as an independent, values-based bank. Together with our customers, we are helping the worldbecoming a better place.

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It is essential that we are a professional bank.
It is extra, that we are both local and independent.
It is essential that we keep up with the challenges of the present.
It is extra that we think about future generations.
It is essential that we listen to you.
It is extra to look after our environment and society.
It's essential that you can bank with us at a good price.
It is extra that your everyday banking helps others.

Things we want you to know about us


We have been operating profitably for more than 29 years as the largest local, 100% Hungarian privately owned financial institution.


With our Pay as you like account management our retail customers can decide for themselves how much they pay for their account.


In our Supportive bank card  Program  our customers can use their card purchases to support useful social initiatives with the bank's money.


In our Community Donation Program our customers decide which social organisations to support with a portion of the bank's profits.


 We help you achieve your dreams one step at a time with our Online savings solutions.


With our Mentor and Sphere Community products, our customers can decide which loan objetives the bank can finance from the money deposited.


 With our Mentor és Sphere Plus community products we facilitate the loan process for socially beneficial projects with the help of depositors. During the loan evaluation process, we positively screen projects that are beneficial to our society and environment.


To ensure sustainability, we have created our 1 client=1 tree programme. We pledge to plant one tree for every customer, so that by 2023 we will have 60,000 trees to represent our green ambitions and if it's up to us, we won't stop there.

Join us and be part of a community that is setting a new direction in the world of finance!

Our community offers

Community Donation Program

We leave a portion of the bank's after-tax profits to the discretion of our clients to serve their preferred social cause.

More about the program

Supportive bank card 

Our customers collect money for the social organisation of their choice for every purchase they make with their debit card.

More about the program

Communtiy deposits and loans

At MagNet Bank, you can put your savings to good use. And as a borrower, you can benefit from the Bank's Community Loan Discount on Mentor-Sphere Plus deposits.

More about the program

Pay as you like account management

Pay as much as you want for a retail account!

More about the program

Our values

Transparency. Partnership. Accountability. Awareness. Sustainability. Positive impact.

How do value-based banks work?

We are certified value-based institution according to international standards, a proud member of the International Association of Value-Based Banks since 2016 ( Global Alliance for Banking on Values )

  • A Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) is a non-profit international network of independent banks and savings and loan associations around the world that share common values. Founded in 2009, the community now comprises 70 financial institutions and 12 strategic partnerships across Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America and Europe, serving 60 million customers with more than 80,000 employees and assets under management of more than $200 billion.
  • The European new banks (value-based, community , eco-, green-,⁣ and alternative) operate under responsible lending and investment rules (positive and negative filters).
  • Value-based banks strive to be as transparent as possible and active social responsibility permeates their operations at all levels.
  • Their more modest economic profit expectations, ⁣ ⁣social and environmental profit consideration, are  reflected in core banking services.

Milestones since our foundation

.In 2010 we went through a major transformation. Listening to needs and demands, we created a forward-looking new strategy that is still unique in our country. We have built a value-based approach to banking. Thus, alongside profit, positive social and environmental impact became our main objective.

We created and maintain this together, not only with the owners, managers and employees of the bank, but also with our customers.


.Establishment of HBW Express Savings Cooperative, the predecessor of MagNet Bank.


Introduction of Internet banking (NetBank) service among the first banks in Hungary.


The HBW Express Savings Cooperative, the predecessor of MagNet, is transformed into a bank with the help of the Spanish savings bank Caja Navarra.The Spanish Community Bank represents 30 percent of the ownership structure, while 70 percent is still in the hands of Hungarian owners.. 


The Board of directors decides to enhance the traditional banking model and create the first Hungarian Community Bank. The key principles, values and finally the products are developed.


The first Community deposit and loan products  are created, and the Community Giving Programme is launched. A pioneer in the domestic market, the bank's customers are granted rights.


MagNet, which managed to remain profitable even in the midst of the crisis, became a 100% Hungarian-owned bank.Buyout of Spanish Community Bank (30%) + acquisition of Banco Popolare Hungary Zrt.


To expand its financing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, MagNet has acquired CE Faktor Zrt.


 In spring 2016, MagNet Bank acquired Korona Kredit Jelzáloghitel Zrt., further strengthening its capital-strong, consistently profitable operations of 20 years.


In spring 2018, MagNet Bank doubled its mortgage loan portfolio by acquiring 54% of the receivables portfolio of UCB Ingatlanhitel Zrt.


MagNet Bank has signed a contract to acquire Sopron Bank Burgenland.


The acquisition of Sopron Bank, the expansion of MagNet Bank's rural branch network in Western Hungary.


 Mobile payments are launched. 


Get to know our owners!

MagNet Bank is 100% privately owned by Hungarians. All our employees are also shareholders of the bank. Meet our main shareholders!

Zsolt Fáy

Attila Rostás

János Salamon

Csaba Molnár

Members of the Board of Directors::

Zsolt Fáy

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Attila Rostás

Vice-Chairman of the Management Board

János Salamon

member of the Board of Directors

Csaba Molnár

member of the Board of Directors

János Attila Gránicz

member of the Board of Directors

Members of the Supervisory Board:

Katalin  dr. Dobi

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

dr. Katalin  Auer

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Emese  Karácsonyiné Ocskovszki

Member of the Supervisory Board

As of 1 January 2017, the Supervisory Board shall perform the functions of the Audit Committee as defined in the Hpt.

MagNet Bank - is the perpetual winner of the Socially Responsible Bank of the Year award

Find out what awards we have received since we started!