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Sustainability is now fundamental

The drive for sustainability should now be as fundamental as essential we consider air to be. And if we want clean air to breathe in the future, we've got a lot to do now.

That's why we cannot afford the frivolity of devoting just one page to the subject, and instead believe that it must permeate the Bank's entire operations. We have built this approach not only into the way we operate, but also into our services, our products and even our attitude. Look around and see what you can do to contribute to our sustainability efforts.

To make sure you don't get lost in the information overload, we've put together the most important things you need to know about MagNet's attitude to sustainability. If you want more than that, you'll find it everywhere as you browse our site.

Sustainability at MagNet Bank

Enhance your community impact!

Every year, you can donate to NGO projects from your bank's profits without it costing you a penny. CDP

You can set up your debit card so that every purchase you make supports a civil society organisation, which is also paid for by the bank. Supportive Bank Card

Choose our green products!

We believe that our green products will not only be affordable, but also popular. Check out what our Community Deposit and Loan Programme has to offer!

We measure the positive impact your business has on the world.

Do you know what impact your business has on the world? If you apply for a loan of over HUF 75 million, we'll measure it for you, if  you apply for less than that, you can ask us and we'll be happy to create your own metrics. It's only recommended now, but due to ESG regulations, it will soon be mandatory for most businesses.

Plant trees with us!

Due to our 1 client = 1 Tree Programme we have already added 60,000 trees to our local forests. Come and join our community or, if you are already a member, recommend us to your friends!

Zero paper -> do your business digitally!

In addition to increasing speed and convenience, digital administration is an important way to reduce unnecessary paper use and help reduce the burden on the planet. Open an account with VideoBank!

Come to the MagNet Community House programmes!

If you are interested in sustainability programmes, follow events of the  MagNet Community House!

Taking action for the future in the present

From the beginning, our activities have been based on the Triple Bottom Line principles of positive impact on the environment, society and the economy.

As of autumn 2022, a dedicated Sustainability Project Manager coordinates the sustainability functions that cut across the Bank's operations.

Our decision was motivated by the requirements of national and international regulatory requirements and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) risk measurement frameworks, and the realisation that perhaps never before has it been so important what we do as a bank to save our planet's resources and wildlife, and ensure the well-being of our local communities.

Our commitment to sustainability is not a new value, as the community approach we work in has been our guiding principle in all areas since our first years as a community bank. It is based on shared responsibility and conscious choice, as we impact the world with every decision we make. We value those who are responsibly informed, who exercise their right to choose, and who make choices that contribute to a greener and fairer society.

Milestones we've achieved together

Fast forward to our Community Report

60 000

trees planted after every client we have in the MagNet Oaks

58,1 %

lower the average carbon footprint of the Bank's lending firms compared to the national average


NGOs we help every day.

620 million 

we contributed to domestic social and environmental causes.

Let's do the brainstorming together!

Contact us at if you feel there is a gap or have a good idea on how we can be more sustainable! We also welcome your application if you would like to participate in a feedback survey or focus group discussion as a member of the MagNet Community!

  • We consider ourselves bound by the Green Recommendations of the Hungarian National Bank .
  • We are a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values ⁣ (GABV) , a network of independent financial organisations that use finance to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
  • We are members of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH) , a community of 130+ forward-thinking, world-class leaders from companies that support the systems and business practices needed to create a climate-neutral, nature-positive and more just future. 
  • The Association of Hungarian Banks and the Minister of Agriculture of Hungary awarded our tree planting actions in 2022 with the "4  Leaf Bank Supporters of a Sustainable Environment" logo.
  • .In 2023, our bank was awarded the  GREEN BRANDS trademark for the second time, which is used by Green Brands, an international, independent brand evaluation organisation to recognise ecologically sustainable brands.
  • .In November 2023, we received the Business Ethics Award, Üzleti Etika which commits us to uphold exemplary standards of responsibility in business.
  • 2023-ban csatlakoztunk az Európai Unio Sokszínűségi Kartájának aláíróihoz, mely kezdeményezés az Európai Unió munkahelyi diszkrimináció-ellenes, esélyegyenlőséget támogató irányelveit rögzíti és népszerűsíti a foglalkoztatók körében.In 2023, we became a signatory to the European Union's Diversity Charter, Sokszínűségi Kartájának ( Diversity Charter)  an initiative that sets out and promotes the European Union's anti-discrimination and equal opportunities policies in the workplace.

Our partners are GABV, Banking Association, KÖVET, ALTERNATE Ltd - who mentored us in the preparation of our first Sustainability Report, Greenbrands CSM training, BCSDH, THBE , MasterCard, Folprint Printing. The list is constantly updated.