Community deposits and loans

Community Deposits and Loans are a unique opportunity for our customers to connect with each other, even if they are strangers. As a depositor you can put your savings to good use while they earn you interest. As a borrower, you can get a loan discount on our customers' community savings. Our depositors can be assured that their money is going to good causes, and our lending customers can experience the power of community.

Depositors making a difference

Choose a borrower! 

When making a Mentor-Sphere Plus Deposit, the Customer making a deposit can simply decide,  which Mentor Borrower or group of borrowers belonging to a Sphere Credit target the Bank should grant the discount to.

It doesn't cost you a penny to help a borrower!

The provision is free of charge . The depositor will receive the full deposit interest advertised on the deposit (after deduction of interest tax, of course), and the Community Credit Discount (CCD) granted to the borrower will be provided by the Bank on a quarterly basis and in the form of a post-credit note.

Deposits can be assigned to one beneficiary 

The Mentor Plus borrower/Sphere Plus credit target chosen by the depositor cannot be changed during the deposit period.

Borrowers' loan life made easier 

Community Credit Fee Discount

For each Mentor-Sphere Plus Deposit deposited with the Bank, the Bank offers a Community Credit Discount for the borrower (Mentor borrower) or group of borrowers (Sphere borrower) selected by the depositor at the time of deposit.

Join the Program, be listed

  Once you've joined the program you can decide whether you want to raise your level of visibility by making your credit profile public on our website, or actively look for depositors to support you among your friends and family.

Depositors see you in the Mobile App

 Don't worry, depositors can still choose you to support, even if you wish to remain unseen, or want to keep your profile private. While making a deposit, you will still appear to depositors as a possible beneficiary. 

Do you have savings?

By taking out Mentor Plus Deposits and Sphere Plus Deposits (also known as Community Deposits), you can make the loan of the borrower of your choice (e.g. a family member, friend or other) more affordable without any effort or extra cost, thus helping them significantly. Your savings will benefit not only you, but also the borrower of your choice, while the amount of the discount is paid by the Bank.Our credit customers (if they choose to make their details public) are introduced on a separate profile, so you can easily choose the one closest to you.

Don't want to choose a specific person or company? Choose a Sphere instead!

You can also put your savings at the service of a specific Sphere, so you can help multiple borrowers from one of the specified areas at the same time.


How can I make a community deposit?

You can join Mentor Plus Depositors as an individual or corporate customer if you have a payment or payment transfer account with the Bank and you use the balance of the account to make a Community deposit as defined in the respective retail or corporate deposit notice. The easiest way to do this is to go to your NetBank and choose Deposit or go to Community Functions and opt for Community Deposit and Loan or go to your MagNet Mobile App and choose the Deposit function in the app's menu .

Not yet our customer? Open an account with VideoBank and join the programme!

Do you have a loan?

Then here's a great opportunity to reduce your mortgage significantly and free of charge, or even interest. The larger the amount of your Community deposit, the better the interest rate will be for you. Your friends and family can help you with your loan without lending to you, as long as they put their savings in a Mentor Plus deposit and nominate you as the beneficiary. If you make your details public, you can count not only them in the Programme, but also the Bank's other community depositors. If discretion is more important to you, you can collect deposits only from those you ask yourself.

Apply as a borrower

You can join Mentor Plus as an individual or corporate borrower if you have a HUF loan or credit agreement with the Bank of the following types:

· a market-rate loan for businesses, entrepreneurs and other organisations, or a loan under the MNB's Growth Loan Programme, or

· market-rate (unsubsidised) loans to retail customers secured by real estate.

You can take advantage of the Mentor-Sphere Plus Programme by joining the Programme. The easiest way to join is through NetBank under Community Functions, but you can also visit any of our branches and our staff will be happy to help you.


When is the discount available?

How much discount can be claimed?

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