Pay as you like account management- a transparent circulation of your money

Our door is open to everyone. That's why at MagNet Bank, you can adjust your account management fee to your wallet. This allows you to decide how much you contribute to our operations based on your financial situation.


As a community bank, we aim to offer our customers a partnership in finance. As a retail customer, we leave it for you to decide how much you would like to spend on the management of your account between HUF 0-1000. If you can, please take into account that your account management fee is an investment in our work and our mission.

Your decision is a real butterfly effect - see what your contribution to your account management creates!


⁣By doing so, you'll value our work, increase staff satisfaction and improve the quality of our services.


There is no such thing as a bank account for zero forints, because there is a lot of work behind our services. If you contribute to the cost of running your account, together we can create a more transparent and fairer system, where we don't have to cover our missing revenue from elsewhere.


⁣By doing so, you will also help us to do more to help those who need support.

Financial awareness

⁣ It deepens financial awareness when providing  another say in how  money is spent.

Not yet our customer?

If our Supportive Bank Card Programme has convinced you that this is the place for you, join us!


⁣How can you set your account managment fee?


⁣Via NetBank, under Community Functions, without using a password, or by authenticated (password-protected) NetBank letter.

In person

⁣You are welcome to visit any of our branches, where our colleagues will help you set it up in minutes.

By post

⁣Send us a signed statement by post with details of your decided account management fee.

Your donation of a few hundred forints extra to your account management fee is a priceless recognition for us.

We have calculated that the estimated cost of keeping a retail account for us is HUF 500 per month. We thank you for your responsible decision to make your donation.