Community Donation Programme – CDP

The Community Giving Programme (CDP) is a social initiative that mobilises and engages the whole of our clientele, with the aim of creating positive change. Our customers can democratically decide which NGOs to support with a portion of the bank's profits. The results speak for themselves: since its beginning in 2010, more than HUF 420 million has been distributed to the NGO sector.

Under the CDP programme, the Bank's ownership waives a portion of its taxable income each year and then entitles customers to donate it to the social organisations participating. In a way that is unprecedented in our country, MagNet Bank's customers have the opportunity to support causes that are important to them, from their own bank's profits.

What is the essence of the CDP Programme?


Giving is not necessarily a one-way action. You give, and you also receive. You help others to live a more fulfilling life, but it also has a positive impact on yours.

Good intention

It gives deeper meaning and purpose to what was thought to be plain, everyday banking.


Together with us, you can shape society and take the culture of giving to a new level in our country.


You will be part of a caring and mutually supportive community.

Taking action and accelerate change

You make it easier for civilians who can move forward in a headwind.


You have no control over everything in life. But when the chance arises, do you grab it, to have a positive impact on whatever presents itself?  Here it is.

How the programme works

Who can decide on the support?

You. By banking with us, you have the right to decide which NGOs or good causes we should support. Your share will be sent once a year to the intended recipient. So by being here and choosing us, you become part of something bigger.

Does  it cost me anything?

Not measurable in HUF, at most it cost you minutes. Each year, as part of our community donation programme, our bank donates a portion of the previous year's after-tax profit. We ask you to take a few minutes each year to decide on your share.

Where does this money go?

It serves the work and objectives of NGOs that have been selected through a call for proposals. You can choose the one that is closest to your heart and we will give your share to it.

How can you dispose of the support?

The easiest way to do this is online, but if you don't have NetBank, you can also do it over the phone (+36 1 428 8888) or in person at one of our branches with the help of our advisors.

Have you been using the CDP for a long time?

We have good news for you! We'll increase the amount you can donate according to your activity, making you a key supporter of our social impact programme.

What do we gain?

Our customers' activism is the way we make the community work. We can build a better (shared) future, where you, and all your loved ones can live in a fairer and healthier social and physical environment.

A lot of little goes a long way!

Don't miss out on this opportunity, as tens of thousands of small donations from our customers can add up to a final sum that could be a game changer! Your participation counts!

Community Donation is similar to the 1% of income tax in that the unallocated amount is not distributed. Don't let your share go to waste!

Who is eligible for the Community Donation Programme?

Can an organisation apply without having an account with MagNet Bank?

How can a public benefit organisation join the Community Donation Programme?

What is the budget for the CDP?

How is it decided which organisations are included in the Community Donation Programme?

What happens after a public benefit society organisation has won a tender?

How long can the aid be used?

How does the Bank present the social organisations on the CDP list to its customers?

How can beneficiary organisations reach MagNet customers?

When do customers offer their share of the bank's support?

How can customers dispose of their share of the profits?

When will the participating social organisation receive the donation?

 If are left with any unanswered questions, please contact

CDP Impact 2023

Check out the latest CDP results to see how big our collective impact is!

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Not yet our customer? 

Do you like our programme and would you like to contribute to the impact of the CDP? One more reason to choose us!