Supportive Bank Card 

With your MagNet debit card, you can now enter a new dimension of community support. Donate with the Bank's money all year round without even noticing! With just one decision made every quarter year, you'll be an active participant in an important cause of your choice for every purchase you make with your debit card.

Every MagNet debit card purchase you make is a donation.

With the Supportive Bank  Card, you can not only make shopping convenient, but also useful. As a community bank, we want to give financial awareness a deeper meaning. With us, you can decide not only where you spend your money, but also who else besides you enjoys your purchases. You also add value to the idea of what you buy.

After a quick setup, you can become an active participant in a good cause of your choice. Purchasing with your debit card is always free for you, but MagNet Bank will offer you a share of the bank commission for every purchase made with your debit card. This is automatically donated to the NGO of your choice. Here are the details!

  1. Get started! 

    The powerful combination of the MagNet Mastercard debit card and NetBank access provides access to the programme.

  2. Find the spot!

    Once you have logged into your NetBank, look under Community Functions for the Supportive Bank Card option.

  3. Be a supporter!

    Find the NGO that's right for you!

  4. Use your card!

    Pay by debit card or mobile pay and see how much you raise for your chosen cause.

Question by question

Can several organisations receive funding at the same time?

You can only select one beneficiary, but you can change this at any time.

Will the Supportive Bank Card be automatically activated?

The Supportive Bank Card will only be activated if you choose an organisation. If you don't take advantage of this option, the bank will not credit your donation to anyone. The choice is yours.

Who pays the donation?

As a community bank, we will match the donation. This is covered by the bank's commission, which we offer to the organisations selected for the programme.

How much is the contribution?

The amount of the donation depends on the amount of purchases made with the debit card and the type of debit card. Card purchases are always free for you. With a basic debit card: 1 thousandth, with an embossed debit card: 2 thousandths, with a business debit card you contribute 3 thousandths to your beneficiary's cause.

What counts as a debit card purchase?

All successful transactions you have made at a POS terminal and/or on the Internet either with your card or mobile pay, whether at home or abroad. ATM cash withdrawals are not considered as such.

How does the donation reach the organisation?

At the end of each quarter, it is totalled and credited to the organisation that is listed in your NetBank setup on the last day of the quarter. Don't forget to choose a beneficiary each quarter year!

Not yet our customer?

If our Supportive Bank Card Programme has convinced you that this is the place for you, join us!


Are you an NGO? Join our Supportive Bank Card Program!

It's easier together!

With us, you can multiply your community and take your message further.

Auto-pilot fundraising

By participating in the programme, you can make fundraising simple and easy. All you have to do is apply!

We welcome you as one of our supported NGOs.

Please first register your interest at We will then send you the necessary forms. Once completed and returned, all you need is a little patience and you will be part of the programme.We look forward to connecting with you along our shared values!