COVID-19 Information

Information to prevent COVID-19 coronavirus


Dear Customers,

In the evolving health situation, in order to ensure the safety of both our customers and the bank's staff, at MagNet Bank Headquarters (Central Branch- 'Központi Fiók'- Andrássy Ave. 98. 1062 Budapest) as of 24/03/2020, a scheduled appointment is necessary for our colleagues to receive customers. Should you wish to set an appointment, please contact our colleagues by email or phone to arrange a convenient time for you. 

The restriction does not affect the business hours of our Central Branch, which will continue to be open to customers in the following hours.

Thank you for your understanding! 

MagNet Bank


Information on Government Decree 47/2020. (III. 18.) of the Government (payment moratorium)

Dear Customers,

MagNet Bank is working hard to implement government measures to ease loan repayments to mitigate the negative economic impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic on our customers. If items affected by the payment moratorium have been collected during the transition, our Bank will transfer them back.

However, the aforementioned Government Decree also allows customers to fulfill their contractual obligations during the moratorium.

Once the details are worked out, we will inform our Clients at every possible communication forum. Until then, we kindly request your patience.


MagNet Bank Zrt.


Dear Customer!

In order to ensure that you and your family and our colleagues are as safe as possible, we ask that you manage your banking business conveniently through the MagNet NetBank or MobilBank rather than visiting the bank’s branch offices. 

SHOULD NOT ENTER BANK AREA if you notice symptoms of illness, fever, or have traveled abroad within the last 2 weeks or are likely to have encountered an infected person. You must declare at the time of entry that the above hazards do not apply to you.  If you deny this statement, we will be obliged to deny your access to the branch. 

PLEASE WAIT IN FRONT OF THE ENTRANCE, our clients are only allowed to stay in the customer area during the service itself.  Please be patient, our colleagues will grant you access as soon as possible.

PLEASE KEEP A MINIMUM DISTANCE OF 1 METER FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS IN THE BRANCH. In the present situation our staff refrain from the usual forms of greetings, so please refrain from handshaking and other forms of physical contact.


PLEASE DO NOT VISIT OUR BRANCH OFFICES if you have experienced any symptoms of the disease or have been in contact with a patient or supposedly infected person in the past 14 days. If bank employees detect such symptoms in their customers, they must automatically deny customer service and the customer must leave the customer area immediately!

In the event of increased epidemiological measures, we may be forced to impose even stricter restrictions on the opening hours of our branches, so we ask that you be prepared for this situation as well.

We ask our customers to opt for our online account management services instead of personal administration in the current circumstances.

It is important for our bank to halt the spread of the virus in order to protect both you and our staff, so please observe the content of this notice strictly!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

MagNet Bank Zrt.