Changes in our ATM network

Dear Customers!

We are pleased to inform you that MagNet Bank customers can already withdraw HUF cash from more than 500 Euronet ATMs at fees as if they were using MagNet Bank's own ATM network. 


Is there be a change in the screen of Euronet ATMs? How do I know I'm in the right place?

When using Euronet ATM with a bank card issued by MagNet Bank, the usual screens at MagNet Bank appear after entering the PIN.

Do MagNet conditions also apply to the EUR currency?

No. Euronet ATMs also issue EUR currency, however, the MagNet ATM cash withdrawal fees and conditions for MagNet ATM cash withdrawal are valid only in case of Forint (HUF) cash withdrawal. 

Does the changeover affect the usual MagNet denomination selection menu?

Yes. The amount that can be withdrawn from Euronet ATMs - pre-parameterized - has different selection than the usual MagNet ATMs. In contrast to the maximum HUF 10,000 denominations that can be issued at MagNet ATMs, some ATMs also issue HUF 20,000 forint notes.

Will there be inpayment machines over time?

Yes. In the next phase of the transition, 4 of the ATMs located at MagNet bank branches will become in-payment ATMs, and Euronet ATMs will also have certain devices with this function. This function has long been overdue to the delayed development expected to perform by Euronet. 

Where can I find the new ATM map?

You can search for more than 500 ATM locations here. The search function is made convenient by currency and city filter.