Pay as much as you like for retail account management

Our special Pay as you like retail accounts continue to be free of charge, we cover the account management expenses by other revenues. We spend 383 HUF a month per client on account management. However, if you contributed to the expenses of account management, that would significantly facilitate the realization of our common objectives.

Why would you pay for something that is free of charge? Because you expect your money to be beneficial, not just profitable. Because, besides your own interests, objectives of the community are also important to you. 

How can you select your monthly account management fee?

  • In person at our bank branches 
  • Online: via the Netbank in a certified (coded) letter
  • In a signed declaration sent via post

Offering the option to choose creates us the opportunity to inform our Clients on how much they actually pay for a service.

We understand that offering such an option is unusual. But this is a first step towards making service fees as transparent as possible. If a client pays such amount for the service which corresponds to its value, the bank is not forced to cover the costs of its service from revenues collected under a different legal title.

We hope that we shall reach a point soon where our clients will only pay such amounts and under such legal titles to the bank which are unambiguously and clearly linked to the specific service. Please consider the above description, and take the opportunity: make a responsible decision.

The fact that our clients actively make decisions and exercise their right to dispose concerning the amount of their fee for account management is more important to our bank than the indicated sum itself.